Cryptography is one of the most important fields in current world. Every day, cryptographic methods are used for millions of people to access their e-mail, electronic bank, Internet TV, etc. In these cases, cryptographic methods used must be very fast to avoid high delays in communications. On the other hand, in many cases the speed is not the critical parameter and other characteristics are needed, as low consumption. For this reason, our group works to implement fast and efficient cryptographic algorithms and cryptographic platforms. In this way, we have solved several cryptographic problems:

  • High performance hardware co-processors (FPGAs and GPUs) of several cryptographic algorithms: IDEA, AES and RC6.
  • Low power consumption cryptographic platform for industrial communications environments (FPGAs).
  • Cryptographic MultiProcessor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) to implement both private key (AES) and public key (RSA) algorithms (FPGAs).
  • High performance cryptographic platform to manage user groups in multicast applications of multimedia contents like Internet TV, Satellite TV, pay-per-view, ... (FPGAs).